“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

I ❤️ MAINST was designed to do more than just make you money. It was established to create an environment that your small business could thrive in. A culture where 'shopping local' and 'building communities' could be maintained for generations to come.

What is I ❤️ MAINST?

We are dedicated to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs through an e-commerce advertising website. Businesses upload products and services on our website and customers purchase there. We take 10% of every sale and we pay all the credit card fees. The other 90% is the profit for your business. I ❤️ MAINST only receives payment from selling your product/service. If you do not get customers, we do not get paid.


I ❤️ MAINST is "No Risk Advertising"

There is no monetary risk because there is no upfront cost or buy-in, and I ❤️ MAINST does not get paid unless you get customers.






How can we help?

In a digital age, your customers are shopping online. Our website provides the tools and exposure to bring them to your business. You decide the offers, discounts, quantity, and duration of your post. You house and provide the products or services, and you get paid from the sales. There is no upfront cost or buy-in to I ❤️ MAINST.


How does "no lose" work for you?






About I ❤️ MAINST

We are entrepreneurs; from stamped concrete, to home childcare, to online marketing. We have succeeded. We have struggled. We have walked miles in the shoes of the small business owner. After seeing the countless “out of business” signs and the loss of uniqueness, we formed a plan to modernize the archaic system of advertising.

I ❤️ MAINST's Mission is to empower entrepreneurs* to pursue independence, innovation and uniqueness.

*If you have a dream, you are an entrepreneur.

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